“An exciting and truly spiritual experience! It’s more than just a fusion of different cultures; it’s a true exchange. Being present at one of Eric’s performances is an uplifting journey for the listeners, as well as a reminder to find the God in everybody and everything, especially through music. His concert at St. Marks was a second service for us, a true blessing.”

Jahneen Otis, Director of Music, St. Marks,  New York City

"Remember when “awesome” used to mean something that wasn’t just repeated ad nauseam by your coworkers at meetings? This concert was awesome in the original sense of the word—as in inspiring slack-jawed wonder.  The music—meditative, surging at times, was sublime. Their appearance at FJC was such a gift to the community and I hope they return some day."

Noah Garfinkel -  Brooklyn, New York


"Such a fun night. An intimate and heimishe venue, an exciting mix of musicians playing boundary-stretching traditional music, and a wildly enthusiastic crowd.  What more could I ask for on a Saturday night“

Josh Goldstein - Flatbush Jewish Center